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Quilled Animals
BY Diane Boden

Search Press
14 July 2020/ ISBN 9781782218197
How-To Books / Papercraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Get twirling those paper strips with this fun book of twenty animals. Decorate cards, boxes and more with these cute critters just by rolling up strips of paper with a simple tool. Sounds like fun? Let’s take a look…

If this book looks familiar then you already have Twenty To Make: Quilled Animals published in 2015. This is a larger format edition with a more spaced out look allowing you to see in greater detail all the attractive designs. It purports to be a book even a total beginner can use and if you are good at picking things up, do have a go. Personally I would recommend getting a book for beginner quillers as it will have all the basic information you need to really get into this craft. In here you can find a list of everything you require, plus the author’s website (see below) which sells all the relevant items. There is also a page of tips on how to get eccentric coils looking their best, make fringes, flowers and shape pegs. The rest of the book contains the projects, all of which have a page of instructions facing a whole page photograph of the finished work, complete with attractive chalked background. This addition really sets the designs off to perfection, and adds a very professional finish. The animals themselves are all on the cute side, and cover a wide range of tastes and occasions. Choose from a rabbit for Easter or Rudolph for Christmas, pets (dog and cat), farm animals such as a donkey, sheep and llama, woodland creatures (fox, squirrel and hedgehog) or more exotic choices such as a lion, hippo, giraffe and elephant. Each design comes with a list of what you need although it would be even more helpful if it said how many strips of each color are required and gave a finished size to the figure. Some are smaller for cards or box toppers, others more for pictures but it is not easy to know without making it first. None are aimed at the advanced quiller and won’t take too long to create, but making each one teaches many essential quilling techniques. This is a lovely book that is sure to please beginner to intermediate level quillers.

If you cannot find a good range of quilling materials locally, try for a list of suppliers.

The author’s website has a good range and ships internationally.

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