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Stitch a Masterpiece
Stitch a Masterpiece: 25+ Iron-On Embroidery Designs from Famous Artists; van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne & more

Search Press
9 October 2020/ ISBN 9781644030349
How-To Books / Needlecraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Recreate the famous paintings by celebrated artists in thread with these multi use iron-on embroidery transfers. There are twenty-three different paintings and, as most of them are shown in more than one size (plus small details), they are suitable for many different applications from framed pictures to bags, pillows and even buttons and jewelry.

Inside the front cover are the simple instructions for transferring, plus stitching tips. This is a book of transfers only, but if you turn to the back there is a page of sixteen popular freestyle embroidery stitches. The first half of the book contains the transfers and the second full color reproductions of the paintings on glossy paper, together with a handy swatch of all the colors used. There are no projects; this is very much a book aimed at the confident embroiderer who wants a selection of transfers to interpret. Three of the pictures are shown stitched which is useful, I would have liked to have seen a few more but maybe it is best that the imagination gets a bit of a workout.

I love the idea of this book and can think of many things I want to use the transfers on, but my only real gripe is that “famous art from around the world” is a bit misleading. Most of the pictures are by European artists from the Renaissance or Impressionist movements including six by Van Gogh, which is rather a lot out of only twenty-three. There are a couple by American artists but only one non Western example, The Great Wave by Hokusai. It would have been nice to have seen more examples from other cultures. But this aside, any embroiderer who enjoys using their imagination with choice of stitches will love this imaginative book of transfers.

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Reviewed 2020