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Tangle Magic
Large Format Edition
BY Jessica Palmer

Search Press
14 July 2020/ ISBN 9781782219057
How-To Books / Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Tangle Magic was published in its original smaller format back in 2016; this new edition is larger, which makes the fantastic illustrations look even more impressive. The paper is smooth with a slightly glossy texture and of above average thickness, so will take water-based pens if you don’t press too hard (not Sharpies). Like its sister publication Tangle Wood (also reviewed on this site) it is also ideal for newer media such as brush pens or watercolor pencils. Sadly as with other coloring books by this author you won’t find perforations, the designs often do vanish into the center of the book and are printed on both sides. This is not ideal for framing your work and you will have to carefully use a craft knife to remove pages and choose which side you like best. Many pictures are spread on two pages, and there are fewer options for your own drawings than in Tangle Wood, but then this book has its own charm.

For one thing it comes complete with a coloring lesson at the front on how to color a gem using pencils and there are quite a few gems to test your new skills on. The emphasis is very much on fantasy, and the author’s imagination has been given free rein resulting in some amazing and original images. A peacock rides on a broomstick, a chameleon wears a wizard’s hat, chickens ride bicycles and a bird is made out of snowflakes. Birds feature widely; fighting over gems, wearing clothes and ornate crowns. There are pages of jewelry to add gems to, creatures made up of vegetation and a blank crystal ball awaits your own vision of the future. The line widths vary from very fine to medium but all look hand drawn with no pixilation. Another feature common to all this author’s books is a list of items to find hidden in the pictures and a “this book belongs to” page. Even the covers can be colored, plus the endpapers. I do hope we haven’t seen the last of Jessica Palmer’s wonderful coloring books.

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