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Tangle Wood
BY Jessica Palmer

Search Press
20 June 2020/ ISBN 9781782219040
How-To Books / Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


The original Tangle Wood was published back in 2015 in a slightly smaller format. Then another larger, single sided version came out in 2017 printed on thicker paper for framing. Now here is a third edition, slightly bigger than the first and square. What does this have to offer for adult colorists?

This version is printed on very smooth paper that almost feels glossy. Colored pencils won’t find a tooth here but it is of above average quality and will take watercolor pens (not Sharpies) if you press lightly. The brief introduction recommends watercolor pencils or brush pens, showing that perhaps this brand-new edition is aimed at two mediums that are currently cheaper and more widely available than they used to be. It also suggests using a fine-nibbed black pen for adding extra details which gives an added new dimension to the coloring experience. Sadly the pictures are not one sided (or perforated) and if you want to frame them you will have to choose. Some are on one page and would look good displayed in a group, but others are two-page spreads and in many cases details vanish into the center. There are frames inside which you can add your own drawings, and images with large blank areas around them for filling in with backgrounds. This allows you to give your own spin on what is there and create something unique, a feature I like a lot. The line widths vary from very fine to medium but all look hand drawn with no pixilation. There are no mandalas or abstract “carpet” pages generated on a computer which is another change from many coloring books; each page is unique. Pictures range from depictions of real creatures to those with a fantasy element. Owls peek out of holes in trees, butterflies and dragonflies flutter over flowers, vegetation writhes to create a border. Elsewhere you can find unicorns, animals with patterned bodies, wee fairy homes and birds with jewels in their beaks. Some pictures have more detail than others and most can be personalized in some way. Another feature is a list of items to find hidden in the pictures and a “this book belongs to” page. Even the covers can be colored. For under £10 this is good value for money and a lot of fun.

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