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Mega Manga Characters
BY Sergi Camara, Vanessa Duran

Search Press
14 October 2020/ Out in US 9 February 2021/ ISBN 9781782219170
How-To Books / Art

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Sharpen those pencils and fire up the graphics program; its time to release your inner mangaka! Have a go at drawing some figures in several of the most popular manga styles using a variety of different media.

A huge topic like this obviously cannot be covred in one book, but it does give any budding mangaka a chance to learn about the various genres of manga and the drawing styles you can expect to find in them. From cute chibis and kodoma to pretty shoujo figures through to action poses from the more adult genres this book covers most of the more common styles.

You can learn how to work in a variety of media from simple pencil sketching, how to ink in, use watercolors, markers, graphics programs and screentones. Try getting the cute features of kodomo right, or the proportions for a type of figure, and see what makes a character sexy or dynamic. Each project takes you through how to draw a figure and use a particular medium or technique which means that you learn quite a lot if you work through them all. A useful primer that is ideal for beginners.

Obtaining screentones in the UK is a challenge and I would have loved to see a list of stockist suggested by the authors, but if you cannot find a good range of drawing materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2021