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Modern Kogin
BY Boutique-Sha

Search Press
30 September 2019/ ISBN 9781782218944
How-To Books / Needlework

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Kogin is a style of Japanese sashiko embroidery with a geometric appearance. Simple and timeless, its clean lines and basic elegance is sure to appeal to modern tastes. You can use it to adorn so many things too, from tiny pins to pictures.

It doesn’t take long to learn this straightforward but attractive type of embroidery, and there are plenty of smaller projects here that make up quickly. A lot of them are also of practical rather than decorative use, so you can make attractive buttons, hair ties, Christmas decorations, purses, bags and pincushions. Like all the books I have seen that originated in Japan this one follows a particular layout. At the front are photographs of all the projects, followed by the instructions and patterns. This means you get to whet your appetite by looking at many pages of colorful photographs. There is a short list of tools and materials, then a useful guide to how to prepare the thread and fabric, read the charts, work the stitches and get the tension right. The projects start simply with the smallest projects such as pins and hair ties, and progress through to the larger, more complex pieces. This is not a Search Press original so there are no staged photographs, merely simple line drawn diagrams. You don’t need to be an experienced embroiderer to tackle kogin work but some knowledge of making up projects and doing things like working with button kits, purse frames and zippers is a good idea. This is a lovely book suitable for anybody with a bit of stitching experience.

If you cannot find a good range of kogin embroidery materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

Kits, patterns, needles, thread and fabric available from Susan Briscoe

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