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If God is Love
Rediscovering Grace in an Ungracious World.

By Philip Gulley and James Mulholland

     Continuing on where their book—If Grace is True—left off, authors Philip Gulley and James Mulholland have written If God is Love.

   In this book, the authors, who are Quaker, admit they do not believe in Satan or hell.  

   The author maintains: "I believe God will accomplish the salvation of every person, in this life or the next, no matter how long we resist. If Satan does exist, he will one day repent, be forgiven, and take his proper place in the divine order. It will merely be another tool in God's work to purify and redeem." He continues: "Years ago, I abandoned the concepts of Satan and hell as unsophisticated. Now I reject them for a far more important reason; they represent a way of understanding God I no longer find credible."

     He proposes that if man can understand the universal love of God, it will change how we live.

   Unfortunately, this is no new truth, but a variation on the theme that the Bible is not enough. If God is Love repeats the arguments set forth in If Grace is True and once again denies the foundational truths of scripture—that men cannot pull themselves up by their spiritual bootstraps or simply turn over a new leaf.

   Though there is a sprinkling of truth discernible among the authors' experiences,' Christians will see this as another religious argument that falls short of acceptable, sound doctrine—and one more attempt to distract us from the narrow way.


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Nancy Williams
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: Reviewer, Nancy Williams is the author of the inspirational romances "Coming Home to Mercy Street," "In the Company of Angels," "In The Shadow of the Cherubim."
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