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100 Ways to Simplify Your Life

by Joyce Meyer
Read by Sandra McCollom

      Joyceís latest audio combines the new with the old as she retells previous experiences and offers common sense recommendations on simplifying oneís life.

This audio is for the Christian who values every waking moment and wants to use his / her time more productively, wisely and lovingly. †Joyce includes quotes and scriptures, along with her thoughts with each item. She gives advice on how to simplify our lives spiritually, physically and in everyday situations.

And here is just a sample...

2: "Be satisfied with what you have." Joyce points out that the more we have the more work it takes to care for it and keep it.

46: "Trust God to change you." We are reminded we donít have to struggle to rid ourselves of weakness, habits, etc; God will help us to overcome what hinders us.

78: "Keep your conscience clear." Joyce reminds us we should strive to keep our conscience void of offenses against God or man.

86: "Be Wise." Joyce tells us wisdom is doing now what we would be happy with later, such as saving money, getting a dayís work out of the way, etc.

90: "It is never too late to begin again." Joyce reminds us Godís compassion renews us each day.

100: "Let discipline be your friend." Joyce tells us discipline brings order, good fruit and eventually freedom.

Joyceís goal is to teach us how to simplify our lives. She reminds us of Godís Grace and Mercy. With his grace and our hard work, we can enrich our lives and free up time for our loved ones. Whatís so amazing about this audio is itís soooo simple. While listening, I thought itís common sense; I just needed to be reminded—so this audio book will stay on my mp3 player indefinitely.

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The Book

Hachette Audio
November 12, 2008
Unabridged Audiobook 4 CDs / 4 HRs
1600241786 / 978-1600241789
Self-Help / Inspirational / Christian
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