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The Echo Within
Finding Your True Calling

by Robert Benson

      The Echo Within had me at the cover.† The title called out to me and the cover art soothed my very soul.† I do not generally read religious or inspirational books, but this book begged my attention.† There are no regrets on my part that I opened it to a page in the middle and found that it drew me immediately into the feel of the words and those words urged me to go back to the very beginning and read the entire book in one sitting. Several days later, I read it again, but allowed myself just a chapter at a time.

Author Robert Benson most definitely has a special way with words.† This humble book resonates with inner joy, humor, and many of lifeís lessons to be learned.† Some of the lessons are right on the surface of the words, while others sneak up on the reader subtly, often to be recognized at another moment when you most need them.

The reader may indeed feel that this book speaks directly to them, and that you do feel your own calling is captured by the essence of the stories.† Each chapter relates a picture of the authorís life, and illustrates a story relating to the chapterís title.† There are ten chapters:† "Listening" "Waking" "Hearing" "Being" "Looking" "Waiting" "Living" "Knowing" "Choosing" and "Dreaming."

The Echo Within speaks to finding your calling in life, whether it be your work, your service to your church, your family, or whatever was breathed into your soul to help you be who you are meant to be.† It is about listening to the voice inside of you, be it Godís voice or your own.

The book is so well crafted that each unique chapter flows seamlessly and effortlessly as a whole.† It is the type of book that you can open to a random page and find an answer you may need even if you werenít aware you were asking yourself the question.† Although it is both spiritually and intellectually deep, it is not preachy and it is somehow easy with its own profoundness.† I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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WaterBrook Press
January 2009
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