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The Love Revolution

by Joyce Meyer
Read by Sandra McCollom


The Love Revolution for some drums up thoughts of 1960s hippies pitching a self-centered rebellion of laziness and drugs. Meyerís current title reminds Christians of personal and church responsibilities in the world.

Meyer—like other evangelists—began her ministry locally, moved nationwide, and then worldwide. In her world travels she crossed paths with those suffering well beyond hardship. She shares many of those stories. Meyer also relives her story of abuse and discusses teen prostitution. Listening to it can be real depressing, but bringing you down isnít her intention. Her goal is to bring awareness to what suffering really is—and it isnít losing cable reception in the church basement before the Super Bowl or running out of Sweet Tea at the Sunday brunch. These stories will bring you to your feet or make you hang your head in shame...

Meyer makes the statement "The world needs the church to be the church." She explains how tens of thousands of people have stopped going to church because "many churches have become religious centers with no real life in them." And she reminds us the church is there not only to offer fellowship but also to help mankind. She continues with "What the world needs is love not religion. It needs God and God is love." She believes if all Christians get involved, "a Love Revolution will take place—a movement that will shake the world once again for the Love of God."

I wasnít quite ready for this one... I expected another self-help audio. Instead this book extends beyond the church, to a world full of people in need of rescuing. Throughout the audio Meyer quotes scripture, reminding listeners of Jesusí desire for peace and a Christianís responsibility for helping others. In a day and age of political turmoil, extremist bombers, and economical hardship, this audio reminds Christians not to watch man or the dollar, but to keep their eyes on God and follow through with his Word.

Daughter Sandra reads the audio version. Those who follow the Meyer Ministries know Sandra lives to teach and serve, like her parents. Her belief and compassion comes through in every word spoken.

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The Book

Hachette Audio / Faith Word
September 22, 2009
Audio book / Unbridged / 7 CDs / Appx 8 hrs
1600247350 / 978-1600247354
Nonfiction / inspirational / religion

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