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The Secret Doorway
Beyond Imagination

by Paul Hutchins


I remember when I was a very young girl and sat on the roof of our home in Modesto, CA and watched the Sputnik go around the earth in the sky. How that little object opened my imagination and mind. This book is a wonderful compilation— breathtaking pictures of our solar system and Space far beyond our view, plus who took the pictures and how and what we are to make of them. Pictures taken by Hubble and Spitzer telescopes and cameras aboard spacecraft which fly high in our imaginations and beyond. What breathtaking images, the colors, the thoughts that come into a mind are such awe-inspiring joyous visions. Imagine what the future can hold, having seen what it has in front of us now.

The Secret Doorway: Beyond Imagination opens with several sections labeled Acts, which one must use to open the mind and look beyond the normal, everyday experience to be able to see the beauty contained in the pictures. A picture appears on every facing page, along with the history of that picture, how it was taken and when. I worked in Space and Com at Hughes Aircraft and was at the Intelsat headquarters when the Satellites were first being built. We all had vivid imaginations about what the abilities would be in the future, but I didn't get to stay (I was transferred to another division) there long enough to actually see the all pictures that would come about because of those launches. However, I did get to see some of the pictures which came back and they were just as beautiful, even in black and white (at that beginning time period) as these pictures are, and these are in full color, for everyone to soak up all of the splendor that is way beyond our ability to see with our own eyes.

Paul Hutchins, the author of this book is a marvel in his own right, a wild child who turned his life around from some very rocky beginnings and became someone to admire.

Check this book out and take it home. Put it in your science and reference shelf and refer to it often for the beauty which surrounds us, much as you do all of the beautiful poems, stories, movies, and everything you consider to be worthwhile in your life.  It shows you the possibilities are endless and wide open without barriers.  The Secret Doorway: Beyond Imagination...  Absolutely wonderful pictures, absolutely wonderful book.

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