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Detox . . .
for the Overly Religious

by David Putnam


Have you become exhausted from membership in your church and religion? Do you feel like you’re  never good enough to be very effective in your faith? Maybe you’re missing the main point.

In Detox...for the Overly Religious, David Putnam spells out the basics of following 'the Jesus way' of  doing things. His message is all about simplifying, and you can start right away.

Organized into three 'books,' each chapter begins with a gospel bible verse. Following the verse is a statement about 'toxic religion,' in which members are wrapped up in religious busy-ness—contrasted with another about 'the Jesus way,' in which you can relax, take a deep breath, and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Each chapter gives practical examples and reinforces the ways of living and loving like Jesus—and that doesn’t mean just showing up at religious services, potlucks, and fundraisers.

The message here is that you’re already 'good enough' to serve in important roles as Christians, and that there are many daily opportunities for you right now, in your own families, churches, communities, or even distant mission fields. But you must not be continually surrounded by your churchgoing peers.  Jesus associated with so-called 'sinners.' When we slow down and 'rub elbows' with people in all walks of life, we’re more likely to notice the needs of others. Putnam urges the reader to pray, but then "stop praying and start going."

Don’t get the wrong idea that 'simplifying' is just about 'kicking back' and taking it easy. Another strong message in this book is that living and loving like Jesus will cost you and may take you out of your usual 'comfort zone' of caring for others.

This book will help energize those who have worked hard in their Christian religions but are ready for a change of course.  Detox is a useful and practical study guide/devotional for spiritual growth.

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B&H Publishing Group
January 1, 2010
0805448829 / 978-0805448825
Nonfiction / Inspirational
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Christine Lindemer
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer C.R. Lindemer is the editor of True Cow Tales: Literary Sketches and Stories by Farmers, Ranchers, and Dairy Princesses and the author of children's picture book Beauly the Donkey-Mooing Beltie.
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