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Winning in Troubled Times
God’s Solutions for Victory Over Life’s Toughest Challenges
Dr. Creflo Dollar

Faith Words / Hachette Book Group
August 2010/ ISBN 0446553379
Nonfiction / Religious

Reviewed by Sylvia McClain

In his book Winning in Troubled Times: God’s Solutions for Victory Over Life’s Toughest Challenges, Dr. Creflo Dollar is explaining the book we call the Bible. As he shows the way to use the Bible as your solution source for financial matters, relationships, negative emotions and addictive behaviors, he uses scripture to explain how to solve these cases of distress.

Dr. Dollar even uses samples from his own life of how he too suffered in each of these areas in one form or another. That was a perfect way to show his readers that his life was never an exception to the problems we all face in our lifetime. What was appealing to me was that he used different versions of the Bible to quote; he used the New King James, New International, New Living Translation, American Standard and the Amplified versions. Why is this pertinent? Because this makes it possible for those who are of different religious denominations to relate to the Word of God.

Also, Dr. Dollar used the old saying repeatedly of “You reap what you sow.” As he referred to what a simple farmer would do, he spoke of how the type of seeds you plant in your life will generate the type of harvest you will receive. Is the book worth reading? Yes. It contains insights on how using the Bible to lead you in your life’s walk will help you to accomplish many goals. Basically, Dr. Dollar explains how all the answers you seek are in God’s Word.

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