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God & the Afterlife Proven
Tom A Wilson

Tom A. Wilson, Publisher
Jan 2014/ ISBN 978--0-615-96550-5
Nonfiction / Religious Inquiry

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf


Actually, this book should be read by everyone who professes to a God/religion they believe in and by everyone who states that they have no consideration in their daily lives about religion or God. This is coming from a Minister in/of The Universal Life Church, who has gone through every amount of soul searching that is possible and come to the conclusion that there really is a God that we all need, and should want to understand, and that many things will be truly unanswered until the day of our own death. I went through a few hundred years (seems like it, anyway) of soul searching and being pushed this way and that and having had many in my family who wanted me to turn this way or that way and based on my own needs at the time, choose not to turn any WAY. I chose to stay sort of Agnostic for many years. However, I do truly believe, but in my own way, in God and everything that God encompasses.

In many ways, IF I had given the same amount of thought to the perplexing questions that ran through my head time after time and never really left my consciousness, I could have written this book, and almost made it word for word, because I have had the same questions and the same lack of answers. I came from a family that encompassed almost every type of religion, starting with Pentecostal-Assembly of God, Presbyterian, Catholic, Christian Scientist, and Mormon. One arm of my family was even of the 50's era "Jesus Freaks" persuasion, and of course, there was an Atheist and an Agnostic. The unanswered questions and mythology and dictates of the various churches left me wanting in so many ways, and befuddled at not being able to use my heart to make a decision about which religion I wanted to become part of.

All of these questions hinged on the reality of whether or not we, the human species aspects of this earth, counted, and what really was the plan in the event of our deaths. Part of that was because I lost much of my family very early in my own life and I could not get a reasonable answer for why they died. I have never been really able to talk to anyone about all of this because to talk about it lays your heart wide open and leaves it sitting on the table for all to see and touch. And for anyone to poke at, and tell you that you have to believe; but what good is believing when bad things happen way too early for explanation, and there are no answers, you then only believe because you are told that you have too. And I have always been a researcher in just about every aspect of my life, always searching for the best answer that I can find for every possible question I have come across. It doesn't have to be about God or the Afterlife, researching encompasses every facet of life.

I enjoyed seeing many of my questions put into type by Mr. Wilson. He looks at everything from several different views and empirically selects the best of all possible reasons and answers to fit what just about every person feels is their reasoning. Some of his conclusions, I am not in total agreement with, but they did lead me to put on my thinking cap and look into my own ideas a bit deeper, which is what (I am sure) Mr. Wilson was trying to force everyone who reads his book to do.

As a person who wants people to come to terms with their own prospects for the future, he accomplishes what he set out to do and that is to make people think things through and form their own personal conclusions that they can, and will want to, live with. He makes the reader delve into the personal beliefs that are formed by our real lives. He and I have much the same conclusions, reached in very different ways, but they still come out to the same end: there really is a God, it is not a mistake, and there very likely is an afterlife, because to not have one, is to say that dying is the end of the story. And I as well as Mr. Wilson, don't think that is the end of the story. Our lives just end in the physical form. I hope that I have given you reason to pick up this book and read, or study, and think about what really is a very complex matter. It’s something thathappens to every one of us. As we age and grow, we eventually have to come to terms with the question, "Is there an Afterlife?" Personally, I want to believe that some form of Me will be here forever, even if the real form of Me is not.

Read God and the Afterlife Proven, you will at the very least understand more about the you inside of your heart. Thank you Mr. Tom Wilson, for putting all of my questions into print form and pointing out some of the answers in your thoughtful way.

Reviewer Claudia VanLydegraf, is the author of Notes from Nobody
Reviewed 2014