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Gifts of Empowerment
Overcoming Obstacles and Negative Self-Talk—with Meditation
By Thomas Gilmore

Hannity Press
August 2019/ ISBN 978-1686372407
Nonfiction / Inspirational

Reviewed by Leslie C. Halpern

This guidebook to empowerment through meditation starts with the premise that self-reliance, self-pity, dishonesty, and fear are character flaws that cause problems in our lives and the lives of those with whom we interact. These flaws can be eliminated (or at least lessened) with self-awareness that allows us to reflect on our thoughts and behavior and make changes for the better. The ultimate goals are self-empowerment (our own well-being and happiness) and social empowerment (our willingness to protect the well-being and happiness of others).

The book—in paperback and ebook—is divided into three parts with the first part offering a theoretical introduction to the ego-self, including its obligation and dilemma. Part two invites readers to confront their bullies (in whatever form they may appear) through self-awareness and meditation. Part three features specific meditations for problems including anxiety, character flaws, revenge, fairness, parenting, children, suicide, forgiveness, and gratitude. The author states: “When life’s bullies attack, we counter with calmness and a clear mind, creating a moment of imbalance for the life bully.”

Following the meditations, an extensive collection of back matter provides additional sources for obtaining that calmness and clear head. These include Extra Reading, Benefits of Prayer, Types of Prayer, Types of Meditation, and Notes. Rather than offering a comprehensive guide for the novice, this book seems more directed toward an intermediate or advanced level, i.e., for readers with some degree of self-awareness already established and previous knowledge of (if not experience with) meditation.

For those willing to examine the various bullies holding them back from achieving peace of mind, this helpful book offers an assortment of healing meditations that address problems plaguing most of humanity.

Reviewed 2019