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Living a Life You Love
Embracing the Adventure of Being Led by the Holy Spirit
bY author Joyce Meyer
Read by Jodi Carlisle

Hachette Audio
04/03/2018/ ISBN 9781478985211
Nonfiction / Inspirational / Religion / Self Help / Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by  Brenda Weeaks

“You most likely have people, places and things you love, but do you love your life? Ask yourself, are you just trying to survive? Are you just enduring it?” – Joyce Meyer

Joyce advises against comparing your life with others because it can keep you from loving your life, and God is not going to give you someone else’s life. She tells us life can be so challenging, maybe in different ways, but there is always something. She cheers readers/listeners on as she explains how to love your life.

Joyce first moves to examples in the Bible - David and the giants. Solomon and the temple. Paul’s constant criticism and persecution, even Mary giving birth in a barn, and everyone one of them had a positive word to bring them through it. They learned to love their lives.

Joyce then moves to her own personal stories, the growth of her ministry. She explains love needs to be the central theme of your life. “Your attitude affects everything.

Her advice is: Submit your life to God. Be positive and loving in the moment – like watching your husband hit golf balls to the point you start enjoying it.

Joyce shares her thoughts and fears when her ministry was growing and she knew they needed to add office space, and how God met their ministry needs his way, not their way. Joyce reminds us that God has an amazing plan for each one of us. She covers fear, grace, blessings, peace, and live in the present and forget the past. Section two is the most important - Joyce reminds us to love ourselves.

Keep your Bible nearby once you start Living a Life You Love. Joyce’s guidance will have you researching scripture and rereading the bible stories mentioned. God’s Word will never change and Joyce Meyer’s lessons will inspire generations to come.

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, fear, or regret.” – Author Unknown

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