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Love Elevated
A Dynamic Experience of Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment
In Service To Love #2
By Darlene Green

Waterside Publishing
April 15, 2020 / ISBN 978-1949003642
Inspirational / Spirituality / Religion

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Waterside Productions recently released the second book in Darlene Green's “In Service to Love” series. Although you can learn from this book alone, I highly recommend that you also purchase and read the first book, “Love Remembered,” as this is a continuous learning and transformation series.

As with the first book, there is one day’s guidance or lesson to read, naturally, one day at a time. This book begins with day 123 and continues through 244.

I am writing this review while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since I have not finished the first book of 122 days yet, I am only able to provide my impressions at this time. I do not believe there is any coincidence that this book has come my way during this time of worldwide changes to the usual ways of life.

Each day’s lesson is titled, and I am intrigued by each of them. I notice that the words “light” and “love” are frequently used, but for the most part separately. This speaks to me personally because my mother, who was a well-known psychic and empath (locally well-known that is), would end her notes and letters with “Love and Light.” They were separate and yet equally important. Thus, the lesson titles reinforce what I learned from my mother.

As humans are changing and evolving suddenly, unexpectedly, and at a rapid pace, Darlene Green’s “In Service to Love” books may be considered essential guides to help people who are ready to accept the guidance of “The Council of Light” with Darlene working as their scribe.

The first quote from the welcome section of the book reads as follows:

“When humanity faces the most difficult of times, it is innovative thought that opens the doors to possibility, ushering in a new paradigm.”

This is an important book. Please order yours today.

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