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Seize the Day
Living on Purpose and Making Every Day Count
Joyce Meyer
Read by Jodi Carlisle

Hachette Audio
09/13/2016/ ISBN 9781455559893
Nonfiction / Inspirational / Self-Improvement / Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Meyer’s goal in her current title is to show believers how to “live life on purpose.” Meyer tells believers what they need to do or not do to reach their daily goals, then she follows it up with scripture. Joyce first makes it clear that our salvation is not based on our works. “Our right standing with God is a gift of God’s grace that is received only by faith and not by works or anything we can ever do.” Joyce covers the Christian walk in the first chapters. She explains emotions and how they interfere with our decision making and our relationship with God. She shares her thoughts, ideas and scripture on how to overcome emotions. Joyce also offers ways to avoid wasting time, scheduling and planning, organization, being an ’on-purpose’ person and more. Some of Joyce’s teachings are new and some are common knowledge. As always Meyer backs her teachings with personal stories and scripture. The difference between Seize the Day and other time organization books is Joyce. Her teachings are straightforward and anointed. I had plenty of “aha” moments while listening to the audio and following along in the book. The book version is worthy of many page tags.

Jodi Carlisle lends her professional voice to Seize the Day. Listeners will appreciate her stable, calm tone.

Consider pairing Seize the Day with The Mind Connection and Good Health, Good Life for more personal and spiritual inspiration.

Reviewed 2017