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Worry Free Living
Trading Anxiety for Peace
Joyce Meyer
Read by Jodi Carlisle

Hachette Audio
06/07/2016/ ISBN 9781478909439
Nonfiction / Inspirational/ Self Improvement / Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Jodi Carlisle delivers a persuasive narration of Meyer’s current title Worry Free Living. Worry Free Living is a lesson in trading anxiety for peace.

Is there such as thing as a worry free life? It seems like we conquer one anxiety and another rises up. Worry Free Living defined anxiety for me, helped me recognize the symptoms and how to react when it happens. I listened to the audio version more than once, then I finally bought the book. I tagged passages in it, and underlined promises and teachings as reminders. Two things stuck with me in the first read: Joyce explaining “anxiety is the way we feel when we mentally check out of where we are and start thinking about the aspects of the past or future.” She tells us God wants mature Believers to be “now” people; focusing on and living in the present. Another is the section explaining the two covenants – the old covenant (of works) vs the new covenant (of Grace). She explains which one is meant for today’s Believers and how best to keep his covenant. The book is split up in five parts: Choose Peace, Lean on the Lord, Rest in God, Trust God’s plan, Cast Your Cares, and each part has 4-5 chapters. The Conclusion is full of Scriptures Believers should keep close at hand. Because it’s a small book one might think it’s a quick easy read, but it isn’t. It’s actually a powerful teaching you’ll want to return again and again.

Worry Free Living is a notable teaching on stress. I recommend pairing it with Meyer’s Overload.

Reviewed 2017