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Publisher: Flashlight Press
Release Date: October 2004
ISBN: 0-972-92253-9
Format Reviewed: Advanced Reader Copy / Hardcopy
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Genre: Children’s contemporary fiction [ages 5 – 10]
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Patty Foster
Reviewer Notes: Holiday: Christmas and Hanukah

The Only One Club
By Jane Naliboff

     Mrs. Mathews’ class is making Christmas decorations for their room, but Jennifer is Jewish and is making Hanukah decorations. Jennifer makes herself a badge at home that says “The Only One Club” to signify that she is special. However, when she wears the badge at school, the other students want to join her club. What will Jennifer do?

    The illustrations by Jeff Hopkins show children with different skin tones and hair texture. This is especially true in classrooms across the country and gives children an opportunity to see other children like themselves in books. The facial expressions show a range of emotions and are very realistic. The text is conversational and easy to read.

     The way Naliboff deals with the need for each child to feel unique and special is touching. She effectively uses Jennifer to explore a child’s feelings about being different and what happens when feelings are hurt.