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On this Beautiful Island

By Edward Fontanez

On this beautiful island, as far as my eyes can see,
The sun runs shiny fingers through bright green and golden leaves.

     Come with Guanin, a young Taino boy, as he takes us on a tour of Puerto Rico. We walk through the forest, across fields and onto the beach. Along the way, we see beautiful sights and meet different animals like Tahite, Guanin's parrot, and coquis, the little frogs that inhabit the island. At the end of our journey, we can learn about the Tainos, the natives who lived hundreds of years ago in Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. These "good" people share with us their stories, their respect for nature and their friendship.

     Author and illustrator Edward Fontanez's vivid, age appropriate descriptions will entertain young readers. His vibrant, brilliant illustrations are enthralling. For even more fun and a counting exercise, try to spot how many coquis hop onto the pages. For those who wish to explore a different culture or learn more about their heritage, On This Beautiful Island and its companion website are wonderful places to start.

     This book is an absolute delight!

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Exit Studio
Hard cover
Children Fiction
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Lynda E. Lukow
Reviewed 2005
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