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Percy Ignatius Cammon

By Gail C. Breese

    Percy Ignatius Cammon is a curious pig. Why did the clouds not fall down? How did the wind know where to blow? What about the birds? If they have wings, why be on the ground? Percy wants to fly with the birds and dance on the clouds. With his new invention, Percy tries to take flight. But in the end he learns a valuable lesson. Flying is for the birds, not for adventurous little pigs.

    A very well written children's book that I believe will be a favorite among the curious ones. The illustration is amazing with wonderful detail. For the little ones who's favorite question is, "why?" Percy is a perfect teacher. I have children myself, and would have loved this pig when they decided to see if they could fly. A delightful read you and your little ones will enjoy.





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NOTE: Suitable for all ages

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Shelina Emery
Reviewed 2005
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