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Where's My Cow?

by Terry Pratchett

      Every evening at 6 o'clock, come hell or high water and whatever vital business stands in his way, Commander Sam Vimes of the City Watch comes home to read to his baby son. Young Sam's favorite book is Where's My Cow, a picture book that involves his father making farmyard noises. But the Vimes family live in a city, and Young Sam only ever sees animals on his plate! So one evening Sam decides to tell him a new story, all about the characters that he encounters every day in his job.

This is a simple and delightful idea that is sure to appeal to Discworld fans young and old. My particular congratulations go to the illustrator of this handsome picture book Melvyn Grant, who has managed to depict the various characters exactly as I imagined them. Terry Pratchett has had more than one illustrator, but in my opinion he is by far the best - more illustrations please. Habitual visitors to Myshelf will know that I prefer plot to pages and like my books well-edited, but the problem here is that this book is not long enough. I was left wishing for more pictures of the various characters Sam meets, but already I have opened this book more than once which is hardly a bad thing... it made me smile, and will do so to any Pratchett reader I am sure. Who is it for? That is perhaps harder to describe. It is more a book about being a good parent than a children's tale, and is ostensibly a companion volume to Pratchett's latest novel Thud! But as he always says that he writes for anybody old enough to understand then I guess it is for anybody. One for the keeper shelf!

The Book

Doubleday (Transworld UK)
October 2005
Children - Fantasy - Ages 4-8
Discworld - Fantastic Location
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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