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Dial L For Loser
A Clique Novel, No. 6

by Lisi Harrison

      Seventh grader Claire Lyons and her parents move from Florida to wealthy Westchester County, NY. As a temporary measure, they stay in a friend's guest house.  The friend's daughter, Massie, is also in the seventh grade, and decides to make Claire's life miserable just to show off in front of her friends. The girls who belong to the Pretty Committee are spoiled, wealthy kids who have been kicked out of OCD, (Octavian Country Day School) where they have been misbehaving.  Claire is not quite up on all the latest trends that are must-haves to be in with the clique, and their un-subtle harassment wears on her nerves.  When the girls are invited to audition for a new movie, Dial L For Loser, they head for L. A. on the movie studio's private jet.  Massie is shocked when, in spite of her new hair extensions and her straight-leg velvet Sevens, it is Claire who snags a starring role, and gets a ticket into a world of extreme fabulousness. Cam, Claire's boyfriend back in Westchester, just hopes that she won't fall for a teen star and forget about him.

Lots of trendy references here... the designer clothes, the PalmPilots, and stops at Starbucks. Calvin Klein is in. So is Ralph Lauren. But Claire's navy platform Keds are expired and Burberry is last year's to die for.

Teens will recognize themselves in the things kids love to do and the language that is "so in."  This series is best loved by teen girls, and a sequel is in the works.   Fast action and exciting characters make this the series to read this fall. Catch up on the whole series about the super-wealthy!  What fun.

The Book

Little, Brown
August 23, 2006
Trade Paperback
Children/Fiction -Ages 12 & up
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