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Just Imagine

by John M. Thompson & George M. Schultz
Illustrated by Wodin

      Learning to set a child's mind free to enjoy their imagination may be the greatest gift you could give your favorite little person. Thompson & Schultz have written this book to suggest ways that a child can travel with his imagination in perfect safety. Just climb into the magic tree house and blast off on a trip where anything is possible. Teach the kids that:

"Our tree house
is a magic place
in safe hands
among the leaves
where we can be
whatever we want
anytime we choose."

Wodin is a Viking word that means fearless warrior, and that is the name that Steve Jameson chose for painting. His intricate, imaginative paintings beg to be looked at again and again so that you won't miss anything... and you see something that you missed each time you go through this oversized, exciting book.

Make family time fun and adventurous as your minds wander from one experience to another. Ride on a dolphin, blast off to the moon, have a garden party or build snow castles that reach the sky... and all in the safe hands of imagination.

The credo of Illumination Arts Publishing, Inc. is to inspire every child, and they do that admirably in this lavish book. A wonderful gift that keeps on giving for your favorite child. It's a bedtime story to fuel their dreams all night long.

The Book

Illumination Arts
October 2006
Children/Fiction Ages 4-8
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The Reviewer

Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2006
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