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Santa Knows

by Cynthia & Greg Leitich Smith
Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

      In a cute take-off on the Grinch story, Santa Knows, by children’s authors, Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith,  has a grinch of its own, named Alfie F. Snorkelpuss, who goes to great lengths to prove there's no Santa Claus. Only, the tables are turned on the little rascal in a way he never expected.

With great color illustrations by Steve Bjorkman, your children will love this story.

The Book

Dutton Children's Books
September 2006
Picture book
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NOTE: Holiday - Christmas

The Reviewer

Nancy Williams
Reviewed 2006
NOTE: Reviewer Nancy Williams is the author of 20 books, including inspirational romances Coming Home to Mercy Street, In the Company of Angels, and In The Shadow of the Cherubim. Her latest releases are And the Heavens Wept and In a Glass Darkly
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