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Wuffy the Wonder Dog

by Margaret Morgan
Illustrated by Vanessa Knight

      Wuffy really thinks he's a Wonder Dog, even though his feline friend Elizabeth constantly brings him down a peg like a practical big sister. Nevertheless, even Elizabeth's chiding never sways Wuffy from thinking he's able to do impossible things.

Margaret Morgan's Wuffy the Wonder Dog is a short collection of sixteen stories about Wuffy's aspirations. A young pup, Wuffy imagines he can be and do anything from being a doctor, a painter, an actor, or a mathematician. Each time, he gets himself into trouble or realizes that he just may have aimed a bit too high (at least for the time being). Through all his adventures, he keeps trying to impress Elizabeth and convince her that he is lovable. When Wuffy rescues Elizabeth from a speeding car, he realizes that the cat does appreciate him, but he still milks his heroism for all it's worth. It isn't until he gets into a mess by hiding in the sooty fireplace that he realizes that Elizabeth has been watching his back all along and letting him explore infinite possibility.

Morgan's stories are charming and funny. The stories all end with the same lines: "One cannot ruin a friendship because of a little silliness, right? One has to be mature. And Wuffy was very mature." Wuffy may not be mature, but Wuffy is right. Small things don't ruin friendships.

Each story is accompanied by a black and white drawing by Vanessa Knight, either of Wuffy in one of his poses or in action with Elizabeth. Readers see how funny Wuffy is in all of his personas.

The Book

WingSpan Press
December 2005
Children's fiction: [4-8 years old]
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2006
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