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The Mine-O-Saur

by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Illustrated by David Clark

      I fell in love with the Mine-O-Saur before I even opened the book - David Clark's cover art of a glowering dinosaur huddled over a pile of blocks with his arms filled with toys was the perfect picture of the preschool sharing-impaired. The other goggle-eyed dinosaurs play a perfect foil to the Mine-o-saur with their softer colors and fretful glances. The story itself isn't overflowing with surprises, the Mine-O-Saur hogs toys until no one will play with him, then discovers he's miserable, all alone, in his overflowing land of toys. So the Mine-O-Saur decides to share - but will the other dinosaurs accept him as a friend? Since sharing is a major challenge to young children, the Mine-o-saur will certainly offer a painless (and truly funny) life lesson. He speaks in rhyme, which is another preschool pleaser and the book is definitely a pleasure to read aloud. But as nice as the text is, it's the illustrations which really carry the day here with their wonderful composition and use of color - and their whimsy. Clark repeatedly shows the Mine-o-saur isolated from the others by his own choices, and yet - his color and lively expressions never let the little dinosaur fail to take center stage in the reader's eye. The Mine-o-saur is definitely a charming and very funny addition to the book collection of any young Mine-o-saur, and a book I expect will slip into many preschool story hours. It's definitely a keeper.

The Book

G.P. Putnam's Sons
September 2007
Hardcover [Reviewed in ARC]
0399246428 / 9780399246425
Children's Picture Book
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2007
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