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Two Moon Princess

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

      Carmen Ferreiro-Estebanís Two Moon Princess combines the fantasy of leaving this planet and the history-like action of the days of knights and princesses. The fantastic elements of the novel tell of Andrea, a tomboy from the Kingdom of Zeltia, being transported to California and then accidentally being sent back.

In the time Andrea spends in California, we get a typical story of a girl trying to fit in and finding a boyfriend. The action in California is believable except Andrea has to be careful not to let the fact she is an alien be known. Sometimes she does not do this very well, but has enough savvy to pretend she is playing a joke.

After her accidental return to Zeltia, Andrea is in constant trouble as she tries to prevent war between her fatherís kingdom and the adjoining kingdom. As the reader follows the plot, he suspects that a love story is in the making, but much action has to be performed before Andrea and the reader can realize the romance.

If the story contained only the fantastic elements, the story would lose a great deal but girls in junior high and above will identify with a young womanís attempt to enter those activities traditionally reserved for men. The reading holds the readerís attention and is fast-paced.

The Book

Tanglewood Press, LLC
November 25, 2007
Childrenís Fiction Age 9-14
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2007
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