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Fish & Sphinx
Third in the MiddleGate series

by Rae Bridgman
Illustrated by Rae Bridgman

      Sophie and Wil are back exploring secrets in MiddleGate, a magical world cleverly hidden within the city of Winnipeg, Canada. First introduced in the Serpent's Spell (also reviewed on Myshelf), which was a finalist in the McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award in 2007, these cousins have learn about magic and snakes and the history of MiddleGate.

The current edition, Fish & Sphinx, is the third book in the series. Here Sophie and Wil seem to be bombarded with fish imagery; they are seeing fish everywhere. What does it all mean? Somehow it all connects to a nefarious plot by an ancient secret society to take control of the Palace of the Blazing Star that exists as Manitoba's Legislative Building in Winnipeg in the ordinary world. They must use all of their wits to unlock a hidden code.

As chock fun of fanciful characters, intrigue, and action as ever, author Rae Bridgman has crafted another delightful adventure for these magical cousins. Introducing each chapter are Latin inscriptions (gratefully translated into English, which helps even those of us who studied four years of that classical language so many years ago there must be at least an inch of dust on that file in our brains!). That touch is a Rae Bridgman signature. Latin is one of her favorite languages - and she's very proficient at it. Also, laced throughout the book are Bridgman's own ink illustrations - and fish abound everywhere. These are a fun addition to an already wonderful fish story.

I love these books. It is my wish that Fish & Sphinx won't be the last we hear of Sophie and Wil and MiddleGate.

The Book

Great Plains
April 2008
Trade paperback
1894283813 / 978-1894283816
Children's Fantasy / ages 9-12
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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