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I Will Make Miracles

by Susie Morgenstern
Illustrated by Jiang Hong Chen

      In this striking, oversize, picture book, Susie Morgenstern tackles a serious question - If you could make miracles, what would you do? The young boy in this story comes up with some wonderful ways of making the world a better place.

The boy's list is pretty ambitious and includes healing all the sick, making the world stop fighting, and creating a giant loaf of bread that would cure the world's hunger.

After explaining all the splendid things he would do to make this a better world, the child realizes even the biggest dreams need to start small. He ends with these sage words: "It might sound like God is who I want to be - And maybe it's true. But here is the key: To change the world from dark to bright, first I should learn to read and write."

Jiang Hong Chen's vibrant color illustrations complement the book's text and make this a volume both children and their parents will enjoy reading over and over.

Although the target audience for this picture book is the primary grade child, this would be a clever and an inspiring gift for anyone graduating from school this spring.

The Book

Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
March 2008
Children's Fiction / Ages 4-8
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2008
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