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Just Another Creation Myth

by Norman D. Laird
Illustrated by Gary Hammell and Deborah Barrett

      Just Another Creation Myth is about an artistic god named Am Belisha who wants to paint a wondrous picture. Am Belisha paints a magnificent playground that makes life fun, mysterious, and joyful. The playground is both an imaginary and spiritual place. There is a trap placed in the garden named "compassion" and it is located in the middle of the playground. The creatures are warned to stay away from "compassion". But after exploring all other areas of the playground they find themselves drawn to "compassion".

A second god, Am Golath, enters into the painting. The god Am Golath brings awareness of the ego and of compassion.

Just Another Creation Myth is just that, a story of creation that is myth. The pictures in this book are multi-dimensional and beautiful. The author has said that he sees this as a book for adults, but it seemed more of a children's book to me, although one whose story might be confusing to children at times. Just Another Creation Myth is very much like the Garden of Eden taken from the Bible and rewritten very loosely in meaning and purpose.

The Book

November 16, 2007
Children's Trade paper
Fiction - Children up to age 9
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Connie Harris
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