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Olive and the Big Stream

by Kirk Werner
Illustrated by Kirk Werner

      In Olive and the Big Stream, the companion to Kirk Werner's first picture book about Olive the wooly bugger, a fly fishing lure, readers find Olive in the Big Fly Box out on the banks of the Big Stream just after dawn. As the day progresses, each of the flies are taken out one by one and tied onto the leader and tested in the water. When no fish are to be had, each fly is put back into the box and another is taken out. The big, flashy dry flies who have been boasting about being the first to catch a fish are tried out first, but they soon are retired for the smaller, wet flies. Finally, only Olive remains untested in the box. Then, she is taken out for her trial, and readers thrill at her success in hooking a trout. As in the first book, Olive the Wooly Bugger, Werner teaches children about the sport of fly fishing. He also teaches that it isn't always the flashiest one in the box which succeeds. Often, it's the quiet one who perseveres.

In the back of this book, as in the first one, Werner offers a series of photographs to show children what the real fishing flies look like and what they are called. In addition, Werner adds a Foreward by Tyler Befus, a nine-year-old junior fly fishing champion who has also written a book about the sport.

Olive and the Big Stream is a fun story with beautiful illustrations which come from a very talented artist.

The Book

Swimming Kangaroo
August 2007
Picture book
Children's fiction, Age Group: 3-10
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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