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Olive The Little Woolly Bugger

by Kirk Werner
Illustrated by Kirk Werner

      Author / illustrator Kirk Werner loves fly fishing, so it's no wonder he wrote and illustrated two picture books for children about the sport. Olive The Little Woolly Bugger is the first of those books. It tells the story of an artificial lure, or fly, called a woolly bugger that is used in fly fishing. The lure, named Olive, goes to summer camp to learn about fly fishing and how to be a great fishing fly. There she meets a lot of different flies that all have different abilities. She also meets the snooty, brightly-colored, dry flies who think they are better than the more plain flies like Olive. Not only does Olive have to pass all sorts of tests to graduate, but she also hopes to have a chance to be selected to be in the Big Fly Box.

Readers feel Olive's nervousness as she struggles through her tests. We also feel bad for her when she is teased, but smile when she finds friends in some of the other flies. We also cheer when Olive triumphs.

The story is a delight and clearly explains what fishing flies are and how they are used for different kinds of fishing. The illustrations are amusing while capturing the personalities of the different flies.

Werner is commended for creating a great book for children to learn about fly fishing. I learned a lot and I know young fisherpeople will also. Readers should note that the Foreward in Werner's book is by young Tyler Befus, a nine-year-old junior fly fishing champion who has written a book about the sport himself. Also, Werner adds a page of photographs in the back of the book to show children what the real fishing flies look like and what they are called.

Olive The Little Woolly Bugger is a fun story with great illustrations.

The Book

Swimming Kangaroo
January 2008
Paperback Picture book
Children's fiction, Age Group: 3-10
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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