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Paraworld Zero
Book 1

by Matthew Peterson

      After Earth was created, God thought, "What if I had done it like this...?" and began creating parallel worlds existing along the same space / time continuum. The creative power that gave birth to these parallel universes also generated electro-magical energy, which has the potential to be used for either good or for evil. The inhabitants of many of the parallel worlds discovered not only the existence of the others, but the means for traveling among the various universes. While on a school fieldtrip to a paraworld Tonya accidentally arrives on Earth, a planet with enough EM power to make her, only a fledgling young magician, exhibit the abilities of a supermage. The chaos resulting from her out-of-control powers takes the form of man-eating dumpsters, aeronautical automobiles, and fire-breathing pigeons the size of King Kong.

Simon Kent, a scrawny, sickly twelve-year-old orphan boy becomes unwittingly swept up in Tonya’s (literally) earth-shattering adventures and escapes with her into a parallel universe where he discovers his own magical powers as well as, perhaps, the key to both his shadowy past and his unfolding future.

Readers will delight in this first book in Matthew Peterson’s Parallel Worlds series which is a hybrid combination of fantasy, science fiction, and coming-of-age adventure story. Outlandish misadventures and "grossology" will amuse all young readers. Peterson lends his strong moral compass to Simon in a way that is supportive of ethical and honorable choices without being overly pedantic. I look forward to the next in the adventures of Simon, Tonya, and their growing gang of friends. I am sure many young readers - and older ones as well - will, too.

The Book

Blue Works
January 1, 2008
Children’s / Fiction / Fantasy [Age Group: 12 - 14]
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Louanne Clayton Jacobs
Reviewed 2008
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