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Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa

by Alayne Kay Christian
Illustrated by Joni Stringfield

      Author Alayne Kay Christian and illustrator Joni Stringfield have produced a beautiful children’s book that will help children and grandparents who live a far distance from one another to keep in touch without sadness but with joy.

Emily loves her time with Grandma and Grandpa, but this great love makes her departure more painful. To help Emily think of her grandparents in a beautiful and positive frame of mind, the grandparents write her a book to read and think about after she gets home and feels sad about being away from her grandparents.

The first frame of the little book reads: 

"When the morning sun rises high up in the sky and brightens your day, think about how the sun shines at Gradndma and Grandpa’s house too. Just like warm sunshine, you brighten our days."
 Each of the other eight panels offers a similar message.

Illustrator Janie Stringfield's bright and cheery illustrations capture the mood of the story. Christian expresses her wish for the book in her From the Author:  "It is my sincere hope that the gift of this book strengthens the bond between you, your children, and their grandparents and that it may grow to be a cherished keepsake for generations to come." The book should fulfill her hope.

The Book

Blue Whale Press
January 5, 2009
0981493807 / 978-0981493800
Children’s Fiction Ages: 4-8
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2009
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