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Dance, Y'all, Dance

by Kelly Bennett
Illustrated by Terri Murphy


With the text by Kelly Bennett and the illustrations by Terri Murphy, young readers get a sense of what one form of entertainment was like in recent-past rural America in the delightful little book Dance, Y'all, Dance.

The story is told in a two-step rhythm which further enhances the theme of Saturday night's entertainment—music at the local dance hall, which was probably the only venue for entertainment in the area. The illustrations, though exaggerated, capture the essence of the story—family and friends having a good time on Saturday night after a week of hard work on the farm or ranch.

The authorís notes provide information to teachers on how to use the book for classroom reading. Older parents or grandparents can read the book to their children and grandchildren and indulge in a little nostalgia, adding their own experiences of such events.

The Book

Bright Sky Press
February 2010
9781978933972978 / 1933979656
Fiction / Children Age Group: 4-9
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The Reviewer

Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2010
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