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Nanny McPhee Returns
Nanny McPhee, Book 2

By Emma Thompson
Read by the author

        The story takes place during WWII in England. Isabel and Rory marry and have children. Rory’s brother Phil has always been lazy and jealous of Rory. Phil likes to gamble. Rory loves his family and life on the farm. Rory (Mr Green) is a kind man who gets feelings in his bones when something happens. Rory has to go to war. Isabel (Mrs Green) works at a Village Shop. Mrs Green’s sister sends her children to the farm because she’s worried about bombs in London. The house is suddenly chaos and Mrs Green needs help. Enter Nanny McPhee. Nanny McPhee comes when she’s needed but leaves when she’s wanted. Nanny McPhee looks a bit odd, but no one wants to mention it. She’s strict but caring. She’s magical – even when she’s not around and only when it’s necessary. She’s actually quite wonderful.

Nanny McPhee Returns is an entertaining adventure which includes life lessons for all, including parents. Nanny McPhee Returns begins with author and narrator Emma Thompson reading from her movie diary. In the diary Thompson explains the various jobs on the set; how the movie is produced; her experience wearing the Nanny McPhee outfit, and she generously gives praise to all involved. The author’s narration is energetic and amusing. Quite honestly having the diary pop up between chapters seemed distracting at first, but then I noticed I was looking forward to them. Thompson also answers questions from fans. Without a doubt this audiobook offers more than a family tale. Parents and their kids will enjoy the audio version of Nanny McPhee Returns.

The Book

Macmillan Young Listeners
July 20, 2010
Audiobook / unabridged / 3 cds / 5 hrs, 9 mins
Fiction / Fantasy / Ages 9-12
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