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Teddy Bear Counting

by Barbara Barbieri McGrath
Illustrated by Tim Nihoff


Twelve colorful teddy bears tumble from page to page as they teach not only color recognition but also basic counting skills. First the bears introduce themselves by identifying their colors—red, yellow, green and blue. Then the fun begins!

The text begins, "First is one red. Yellow makes two. A green bear is three. Count four with this blue." Keep adding bears until you reach a dozen. Then you can break them up into six pairs of two, or three sets of four, or even four groups of three.

If that's not enough, you'll find the bears arranged in a circle and a triangle before they begin to leave a few at a time, thus allowing for a little subtraction practice.

Remarkably simple in concept, this clever book allows for some interesting interaction with your child at story time. Finding an exercise that includes primary shapes and colors as well as basic adding and subtraction practice in one package is quite a deal.

The Book

February 2010
Picture book / Ages 3-6
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2010
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