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Your Daddy Was Just Like You

by Kelly Bennett
Illustrated by David Walker


Your Daddy Was Just Like You is a trip down memory lane as a fairly young grandmother points out to her grandson how much he is like his father when he was that age. The father does not have any speaking lines, but the illustrations let us know that he is pleased that his son is a chip off the old block.

For young boys in preschool to the second grade this is a good book to enhance the bonding between fathers and sons. What young boy who has a caring father does not wish to be like his hero—his father; while a caring father wants his son to be like him, and is very pleased when it happens. A young boy may well be surprised but pleased to find out that the person he looks up to had the same little faults that he has now. This gives the son the confidence to grow up and be like his hero—his dad. This book needs to be read to the whole family, as it will elict other stories that will be entertaining and helpful.

The Book

Putnam Juvenile
March 2010
Hardcover picture book
Fiction / children ages 4-8
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2010
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