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Julia's Words
Judith L. Roth
Illustrated by Brooke Rothshank

Herald Press
April 2009/ ISBN 0836194179
Juvenile /Friendship / Communication

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Julia's Words reads like a diary. The story is about a new friendship between a hearing girl named Christina and a deaf girl named Julia. It's written in first person with Christina being thenarrator. She writes about her experience at camp and meeting Julia. When Christina meets Julia, Julia is making sand castles. Instead of ignoring Julia for being different, Christina begins a special friendship with her. Julia shows Christina what it's like to be deaf in a hearing world. It's a sweet story for children ages seven to eleven.

The author includes two pages of signs Julia teaches Christina -- which is just enough for young readers who enjoy memorizing new things without being overwhelming. Rothshank's illustrations are softly colored and clear in their message of friendship and difference. Julia's Words is a wonderful reading experience for anyone who picks it up.

Reviewer's Note: Deaf Character: Julia is a deaf child

Reviewed 2011
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