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Home in the Cave
Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Shennen Bersani

2012 / ISBN 9781607185314
Picture book, caves, bats (ages 4-9)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Baby Bat loves his home deep underground in a cave. He feels warm and cozy clinging to his mommy high up on the ceiling of the cave. But then one night when his mother flies off to find food, Baby Bat decides to practice his flying and 'Thud!' he crashes into a wall and falls.

When he opens his eyes Baby Bat discovers a little rat named Pluribus Packrat who asks if he is OK. The two strike up a friendship and go exploring in the rest of the big cave.

They find some very interesting creatures that also live here. There's a rattlesnake, salamanders, crickets, and lots and lots of insects. The two new friends make all sorts of discoveries before they part company and Baby Bat settles back up on the cave walls.

You'll find four pages of learning activities included at the back of this book, so not only is this a good story, but there's also some real educational value here as well. This is aimed at a young audience between the ages of four and nine.

Reviewed 2012