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Hugs and Kisses, God
From Kids Around the World
Allia Zobel
Illustrated by Miki Sakamota

December, 2011/ ISBN: 14391022104
Nonfiction/Children -- 3 and up

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Author Allia Zobel and illustrator Miki Sakamoto teamed together to produce a very nice lift-the- flap book that teaches kids of a very young age that no matter where we live, we receive many gifts from God on a daily basis.

In addition to the main message, the young readers are introduced to multiculturalism since the story represents kids from around the world, and that theme is introduced in the first line, "We're all children of the this great-big world from Maine to Timbuktu."
Younger kids will be delighted for the opportunity to lift the flap and see what the kid-of-the-page has as additional information. You know kids love to lift things.

Even young kids will begin to grasp the idea that some of the best gifts from God are the ones around us daily-rainbows with rain, fireflies, and holding a ladybug.

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