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The Emerald Dragon
Creative Girls Enchanted Adventures – Book II
Jan Fields

Annies Craft Store/Search Press
6 March 2015 / ISBN 9781573674676
Juvenile 7-10 / Fiction

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Following on from Wellspring of Magic (also reviewed on this site) the six girls who discovered that they were really princesses from another world are keen to revisit. When they receive invitations to a party they are thrilled, even though they have to make gifts by hand and are not allowed much time. At the party things swiftly get out of hand when Kaida's cross stitched picture of a dragon comes to life when Rachel touches it. The dragon comes to life and flies off with Kaida in its claws. Once again the girls are going to have to make a long journey, this time to rescue Kaida and sort out the dragon.

Girls into fantasy and crafts aged roughly 7-10 are sure to enjoy this fun series. It seems to have everything that many girls that age love: princesses, magic, fairies, adventures, a cute boy or two and crafts. The main character appears to be the slightly younger and rather nervous Shaylee, who loves dancing but has to overcome her fear of some of the more dangerous parts of the adventure. Once again the girls got to do a lot of problem solving, using their brains and new talents and helping each other. It is a nice touch that the girl they have to rescue is the older, tougher Kaida. As with the first book this story mixes the elements of children's fantasy with crafts in a rather neat way. I can imagine enjoying the series when I was the target age and enjoyed reading it as an adult. I hope there are soon a few more books in this series.

Reviewer Janis Fields is the author of over two dozen books for children and adults including Threads of Deceit, Ghost Light Burning, Wellspring of Magic, and Emerald Dragon.
Reviewed 2015