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A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon
Chester Raccoon Series
Audrey Penn
Illustrated by Barbara Leonard Gibson

Tanglewood Press
April 2014/ ISBN 9781933718774
Children / Fiction / Aanimals / 2 - 4 Years

Reviewed by Willie Elliott


Author Audrey Penn, with the help of illustrator Barbara Leonard Gibson, has written a delightful book for the very young (2-4 years) in A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon. Of course in most cases the book will have to be read to the child rather than the child reading the book.

The book deals with a subject that is sometimes painful to both mother and child—separation from one another for various reasons—in this case the first instance of going to school. As mothers have done for ages, Mrs. Raccoon points out how delightful it will be at Owl's school and kisses his paw so he can rub it when he wants to be assured of his mommy's love.

This is a wonderful book to read to children when they feel anxious when Mom must leave to take care of other responsibilities

Reviewed 2014