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The Little Moose Who Couldn't Go to Sleep
A Maynard Moose Tale
Willy Claflin
Illustrated by James Stimson

August House
March 7, 2014 / 1939160677
Children / Fiction

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

WARNING: This Book Contains Moose grammar, spelling and usage. All of which has been known to scrumble up the human brain. -- The Little Moose Who Couldn't Sleep

Not only does the author give us fair warning about Moose grammar, he also includes a glossary of Moose words. Whew!

Maynard Moose lives in Northern Piney Woods. He's a storyteller during the full moon, but when the moon is not full he's sharing stories with Little Moose, his favorite cousin.

He begins with a Mother Moose rhyme… I kid you not….

"Mother Moose, Mother Moose, Where have you been? I been to the kitchen and then back again.

Mother Moose, Mother Moose, what did you there? I make the whole universe out of thin air. My mommy used to say "Is one thing to make a universe out of Thick air. But to make a universe out of Thin air, you got to stir and stir and stir." So the whole universe come from the kitchen of Mother Moose. That's True!"

Then Maynard tells his little cousin about the moose who couldn't go to sleep.

Little Moose is a girl, and when she goes to bed, she can't stop thinking. When everyone else wakes up, she's still sleepy. Her momma tries to help her. Her teacher and principal are concerned too. But she just can't go to sleep. And then she gets a visitor in the middle of the night…

This is my introduction Maynard Moose. I figured with a name like that he has to be an extraordinary character - and he is…. The Little Moose Who Couldn't Go to Sleep gives parents and young readers a fairy tale of sorts. The Moose Grammar makes it fun to read, especially aloud. The bold, original illustrations show imagination when it comes to Little Moose's dreams. The colors even match the story. I know the illustrations are meant to entertain the young audience, but as I looked them over I thought they were beautifully done.

This title comes in hardcover. I read the electronic advance reader copy on the PC, which really shows off the illustrations by James Stimson. I also read it on my Sony reader, which gave me black and white pictures in a smaller format. If you're going to read this in electronic format, I recommend a computer or tablet.

Reviewed 2014