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Little Shop of Monster
R L Stine
Read by Jack Black

Hachette Audio
August 2015/ ASIN: B00Y1JV6WW
Children / Fantasy / Monsters / Audiobook / 7 minutes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The audio version is brief, but very entertaining.

Little Shop of Monster is the best shop to buy monsters. The children are invited in to see some very unusual monsters. The big hairy ones in the window growl and snap their teeth to say hello. Once in the shop, they meet Snacker, Stinky, Sneezer, Bubble Belly Billy, and more. I think it would be even funnier if paired with the book version illustrated by Marc Brown.

Actor and narrator Jack Black takes young listeners through R.L. Stine’s Little Shop of Monsters. Children and parents will get a kick out of his eerie, engaging narration. Little Shop of Monsters is a fun listen. It will have your little ones giggling and yelling: “Play it again!”

Reviewed 2015