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Miss You Like Crazy
Pamela Hall
Illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell

April 2014/ ISBN 978-1933718910
Children /Fiction / Animals / Ages 4-8

Reviewed by Willie Elliott


Author Pamela Hall and illustrator Jennifer A. Bell have given parents of pre-school children another tool to deal with for that painful time when separation must occur. Like thousands of students before him, Walnut (a squirrel) doesn't want to go to school and tries to convince his mother it would be best for him to stay home, and his mother, like mommies all over the world, assures him that although they will be apart, he will always be in her heart.

After going through a imaginary adventure, Walnut begins to realize how much his mother loves him and how important it is that she do her thing. Handled correctly, children of Walnut's age can understand the need for a parent to go to work to furnish the essentials of a good life.
This book can go a long way in convincing children the need for such a separation, but at the same time letting them know they are still loved as much as ever. The illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell help reinforce this message.

Reviewed 2014