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Wellspring of Magic
Creative Girls Enchanted Adventures - Book I
Jan Fields

Annies Craft Store/Search Press
6 March 2015 / ISBN 9781573674638
Juvenile 7-10

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


When six young girls all move to a town in rural Connecticut they soon become friends due to their love of being creative. They find an abandoned building in which to meet and form a club, but who has sent them each a metal badge? The badges are magic and the group find themselves in another world, told that they are the ones to reawaken the wellspring of magic and save the land. Maybe their talents are going to be even more useful than they thought…

This is a fun new series for girls aged roughly 7-10 who enjoy crafts and fantasy stories. Each of the girls (who are all wisely a bit older than the target age range) enjoys a particular creative activity and they all find a use for them in a magical world. They also discover that they are princesses, irresistible to any girly girl who enjoys Disney! I enjoyed the fact that they had plenty of adventures and had to think outside the box to solve problems although they also had some help from the denizens. Friendly bears, water dragons, fairies and mud people who make beads as well as dangerous plants and (a bit of stereotyping here) evil spiders make up the population of the magical world. This is a mixture of traditional children's fantasy updated with thoroughly modern heroines and plenty of references to hobbies. It is also only book one, so anybody enjoying it will look forward to getting to know the girls (all of whom introduce themselves and talk a bit about their families) and finding out more about the magic. I reckon I would have enjoyed it when I was the target ages and spent a happy hour or so reading it as an adult.

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Reviewed 2015