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Alex Asks About Auntie's Airplane Day
An Adoption Day Story
ByCarolyn Wilhelm
Illustrated by Pieter Els

An Easy Reader Book ()
2017/ ISBN 9780999776612
Children / Fiction

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard Johnson


Forever the teacher, Carolyn Wilhelm writes not only for the story but also to build vocabulary. Interest builds as children ask, "What is an airplane day?" Ever the teacher, Wilhelm also introduces a child to terms they may not have yet learned like "lug wrench." This story will help any young reader or listener know more about adoption, understand it better, and help prepare them for accepting diversity no matter what their color, too.

The illustrations are reminiscent of color paper cutouts, colorful and graphic.


The idea for this book occurred to Carolyn Wilhelm when she saw her two-year-old grandson watch his Auntie Betsy from South Korea and seemed to wonder how she fit into the otherwise white family. Wilhelm says, "Who knows what he was thinking, but it appeared he was noticing Auntie’s eyes and skin color.” Wilhelm decided a book could help her grandson and other young children with older, adopted relatives understand a little about adoption. The author runs Wise Owl Factory, LLC, Minnesota. Readers, teachers, and parents will find her Wise Owl teaching materials, many of them absolutely free, on Pinterest. Learn more about the author at


Pieter Els also illustrated Surfer Kids Clip Art. "Jeffreys Bay," and "South Africa." Learn more at

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